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Day 13 - Stay Gentle

Skin Condition

  • The acne marks on my cheeks have gone back on track to improvement
  • The discoloration on my lip is also looking improved this morning
  • My chin looking better too.
    • It used to be quite bumpy but this morning it looks really smooth and the any bumps have condensed to 4 tiny whiteheads
  • The most irritation and acne is at the corners of my mouth 
    • I have some painful areas on my cheeks and around my mouth.
    • I have lots of tiny hard pimples, which is good i think, they are drying up 
  • my forehead is looking less inflamed but it still has many bumps
  • The cystic pimple is nearly gone (the only reason im still addin this to the blog is to track how long it takes to fully heal)
  • This morning
    • I GENTLY ashed my face with my sulfacleanse 
    • I applied some moisturizer
  • I took my doxycycline
  • Before bed
    • Wash face with sulfacleanse
    • wait 20 minutes
    • apply adapelene
    • wait 5 min
    • apply moisturizer
  • Im putting in extra effort to be super gentle with my skin now
  • I saw some peeling after I washed my face but i didnt touch it. I want to try and avoid most if not all exfoliation. I will exfoliate A LITTLE tmoorrow morning if nessecary.


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