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Improvement over the last week.

So I feel like things have improved a little in the last week. I have some new pictures. The fresh red marks are where I extracted some spots the other day. I feel the old red marks have improved a bit. The only really active areas now are on my jaw line and just under on my neck, which has always been a problem area and especially when I am due on which is now. I have put the new pictures next to last weeks ones. My skin is a little red at the mo, just a bit sensitive.

WIN_20160722_09_55_20_Pro.jpg.3b98e471a1772f86515112ae1e606f74.jpgWP_20160802_07_51_01_Pro (2).jpg
WIN_20160722_09_56_26_Pro.jpg.f3f98bfd42462835a6c7903ad679b14c.jpgWP_20160802_07_51_08_Pro (2).jpg
WP_20160802_07_51_25_Pro (2).jpg


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Girl. Your eyebrows. I'm in love. I used to have eyebrows like yours when I was younger...And girrrrl you are making me jealous! Keep doin' what your doin'.


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Why thank you :) I actually have them done with semi permanant make-up as I barley have any hair left there from my teenage years of being pluck happy!

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