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For real second course journey



Ahhh how fun to read through my old "second course" journal that I didn't end up even doing. Here I am at the grand old age of 34, two healthy boys, and a busy career.  I've been gf/df  since around 2011 and my face had basically  cleared. However I still occasionally get huge now cortisone resistant cysts maybe 2-3 times per year if that. Mine now require 2-3 injections to go away. WTF? I've seriously never found anyone reporting that and I have multiple derms that inject me. If I wasn't on BP, glycolic toner I'm sure my acne would be worse. 

Fast forward to today, I went back to my old Derm who had my hx and here I am on day 4 of Claravis 30mg. Soooo, since I depended so much of other people's logs to help easy my anxiety about going on a second course, I will try and log my journey. I'm really hoping for a smooth journey...did I just jinx myself?? 

Day 3:
dry lips, got a very tiny bump above eyebrow that's gone now (only get acne under nose, around mouth and chin). Regular acne wash starts to burn. 


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