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Day 12 - Breakout.

Skin Condition

  • The acne marks on my cheeks still improving, but today they seem to have taken a slight step back
  • The discoloration on my lip is looking better than ever though
  • My chin looking the most inflammed this morning with some new pimples popping up around my mouth.
    • this is where i focused most of yesterdays exfoliation. So i think it was to blame.
  • No dry skin this morning but my skin feels a little irritated.
  • my forehead has lots of little red bumps and 2 red, inflamed whiteheads:(. This is the first time my forehead has looked this bad in a while
  • The cystic pimple is super flat now
  • I have some painful areas on my cheeks and around my mouth. whyy.
  • This morning
    • I washed my face with my sulfacleanse 
    • I applied some moisturizer
  • I took my doxycycline
  • I iced some of the bumps on my face. My forehead mostly. It seemed to redce some of the redness.
  • Before bed
    • I washed my face with my sulfacleanse
    • I waited 20 minutes
    • I applied my adapelene
    • I waited 5 minutes
    • I moisturized
  • I skipped exfoliating today since  i did a extra yesyerday and i dont wanna irritate too much, I think that extra exfolation yesterday caused todays issues.
    • Im gonna start avoiding as much skin irritation as possible. Im going to cut down on exfoliating to once every few days and only exfoliate the areas that need it. 
  • Ive gotten spoiled  by the trend of healing and improvement ive had with my skin. These last 12 days have been pretty good to me and now the first sign of a breakout has me really discouraged. Im hoping I can move back in the direction of improvement before my birthday...4 days away.


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