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Day 11- Little Bumps...Breakout?

Skin Condition

  • The acne marks on my cheeks look a little better these days but are still very much there
  • The discoloration from the pimples on my lip remain
  • The whitehead on my chin seems to be healing up now, but of course seems to be leaving a mark
  • No dy skin this morning for all practical purposes! Maybe a little flake here or there but that was easily handled witha washcloth.
  • Unlike the last few days, my forehead seems to be having some issues. TONS of tiny bumps emerged on my forehead overnight. :( 
    • In face, something about my entire face just didnt look good this morning. I couldnt put my finger on it for a while but i think its the texture. Its just got lots of little bumps everywhere. Most arent even red, but it makes my skin look weird
  • The cystic pimple continues to show improvement, its becoming flatter and flatter each day
  • This morning
    • I washed my face with my sulfacleanse (Im going to begin incorporating more sulfacleanse into my rouutine now that my skin is almost fully adapted to the adapelene)
      • Used my wet washcloth to gently remove dry skin
    • I applied some moisturizer (i no longer need a super thick layer)
  • I took my doxycycline
  • I iced some of the bumps on my face. It didnt do much but I was hoping it would.
  • Before bed
    • I washed my face with my SULFACELANSE - instead of my usual night time wash, cerave
      • Wooo after 10 days of only using my sulfacleanse in the mornings (my skin was too dry from the adapelene for the first 10 days and i didnt want to ALSO use a drying cleanser twice a day at that point) I'm finally gonna switch to using it twice a day! Hopefully this can combat what seems to be an onset of pimples.
  • My skin was feeling really off today and I couldnt figure out why... I rubbed at it a little and my skin started just rolling off??? not like the dry flaky skin ive been facing, the skin was peeling more like a sunburn would. it was weird. So i did a little extra exfoliation today.
  • Today might qualify as a breakout.By the time i was getting ready for bed i noticed a lot of red bumps around my chin and mouth, as well as on my forehead. Ugh, its like ive taken a bunch of steps forward and now im taking a couple steps back.
    • Im gonna be carefuul to not stray away from my routine at all going forward. I dont want any issues. 


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