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Week 1: Day 8 (Photos)



Again…some of this might be TMI but I want to be honest and up front about my experience.

Day 1-3:

No new acne! It was an INCREDIBLE feeling to wake up and run my hands over my face and not feel any new bumps or pimples. To me, that was a HUGE step forward and I was super excited. My hands were the first to become dry, especially my knuckles (but that’s normal for me in the winter). I experienced some restlessness these first 3 nights but nothing that Melatonin didn’t help with and now I’m back to sleeping normal without any sleep aid.


Day 4-7:

By day 4, I got my first pimple or two since being on the medication but that is still super happy with my skin so far.  With that being said, they’re going away much faster. By day 4, my lips started cracking (let the chap stick begin!). Also, going to the bathroom has changed. Nothing hurts but my urine is a bright yellow and my movements aren't as regular as they used to be.


I let my anxiety get to me, which happens here and there and I picked at my skin...so it's more red than I would of been if I hadn't. HOWEVER, I was taking some selfies and I saw the same red mark on my nose in all my photos. Not sure what's going on but I've never had something like this before. Either a patch of dry skin or a rash? To early to tell (photo as well).






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