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Week 6



Alright well this week ended on an okay note. Nothing too exciting to report, I have like 4 little whiteheads (they all appeared this morning boooo) and a cluster of like 3 cysts, that is pretty painful. I've been dealing with them for like 5 days now and they don't seem to be getting any better (veeerrry weird). Little hormonal acne bumps seems to be shrinking and skin seems to be smoother.
Just trying to keep my head up and remember that clear skin is a race not a sprint.


I recently got a pretty big cyst that I was able to shrink dramatically by using ice. I applied the ice to the cyst in 5 minute intervals and immediately it looked less red and inflamed. By the next day it wasnt painful at all anymore and was on the road to drying up. Ive only had 2 cystic pimples my whole life so I dont have a ton of experience with the ice method, but thats just my 2 cents.

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I love using ice when my pimples are inflamed and painful, I even tried using frozen green tea ice cubes (the green tea acts as an astringent and the ice reduces swelling and inflammation) Anyway I took your advice and iced the spot, helped some with the inflammation but didn't do the job completely! A week later and that bad spot is on the road to recovery! Thanks for the comment! 

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