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Day 8 - Popping Pimples

Skin Condition

  • Unlike yesterday, my skin was much less red when I woke up this morning
  • Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks
  • The pimples on my lip are all no longer active,but still have a mark
  • I plan to pop the 3 tiny whiteheads on my chin (Bad, I know, more on that later)
  • Skin feels tight but not as flakey
  • The one pimple on my forehead is also no longer active
  • The deep "underground" pimple is smaller, dryer and less painful than yesterday
  • This morning
    • I washed my face with warm water and then my sulfacleanse
      • I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed 
    • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
    • After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it
    • I decided to pop the whiteheads on my chin. I know its bad but here is my method that never seems to give me problems (I got it from Dr. Oz)
      • Make sure your pimples are ready. There should be a very white soft head on the pimple. Take clean hands and a clean needle to a clean pimple. (I use peroxide on it all) Insert the tip of the needle in the SIDE of the whitehead. Remove the needle and GENTLY drain the pimple. I don't try to squeeze out every drop of pus. I give it one gentle squeeze and whatever comes out comes out, and then I move on. IDEALLY I would pop my pimples at night so they have time to heal while I sleep but these 3 were so ready to pop.
    • I decided to ice my pimples again today 
      • I focused on the deep underground pimple and the ones I had just popped.
  • I took my doxycycline
  • Midday
    • I washed with cerave hydrating cleanser
    • I moisturized
      • The reason for this mid day wash is to remove the layers of moisturizer,dirt, and oil from the morning and prep my skin for makeup as I was going out that night
  • Makeup
    • green color correcting primer
    • BB cream on my problem areas
    • SUUPER light dust of translucent powder
  • Before bed
    • Washed my face with my cerave hydrating cleanser
    • waited 20 minutes
    • Applied a pea sized amount of adapelene all over my face
    • waited 5 minutes
    • applied moisturizer. Lots
  • Less dryness than yesterday for the most part, except a little more than usual around my eye area. 
    • Im continually puzzled by this because i dont apply any adapelene in that area and I make sure not to accidentally spread it there when applying moisturizer
  • I have less than 2 active pimples on my face currently. The rest are in the process of healing/
  • The big underground pimple continues to show improvement

  • Take this weeks survey please! im curious to see you guy's experiences  (see yesterday's post)
  • If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!


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