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Week three check-in

Steph J


Hello all!

Welcome to my week three check-in! This week was an interesting week in terms of how my skin was acting. I started off the week with my normal skin, more oily than dry, which seems typical since its about 100 degrees here. The dryness did subside and I was thrilled, hoping that would become the norm for the next four months that I'm on accutane. That all changed a few days ago, halfway through my third week. My skin went back to being extremely dry. The annoying thing is the dryness will happen overnight, it isn't gradual, all of a sudden I'll wake up and barely be able to move my face since its uncomfortably  dry. I have also noticed other parts of my body getting dryer, my forearms, inside my elbows, my neck, but this week the dryness is in full force! I'm even getting dry in my armpit and bicep area! So, my skin care routine this week is involving more sensitive skin facial moisturizer. 
On the bright side, I have noticed my acne subsiding again like it did during week one, hopefully this time it will stay away and not come back. Although, I noticed a good amount of acne coming out around my chin area which is odd since I rarely used to get acne there before. 

This week, I included pictures of the dryness I'm experiencing on my forearms, inner elbows and armpit area. 

Pregnancy and liver test are tomorrow followed by my doctor appointment on Monday to start month number 2! 










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