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Scar-free Journey

I will start this blog by saying that this will be all about my acne scar treatments. I thought about posting my experiences here, not only to track my own progress, but to also help others out there who might be looking for ways to treat their scars. This site has helped me a lot, so I thought of joining and becoming a member, to give back to others.

Anyway, just a little backstory, so I had acne since I was in the sixth grade. It wasn't big ones--the painful ones--only small little pimples all over my face. However, I looked horrible. My face can be compared to a basketball at the time and every time a pimple went away, a scar was left behind.

I had a very good dermatologist who got my acne under control. This was when I was in the second year of high school. Unfortunately, she went on maternity leave and the new doctor, I don't know what it is, but my skin didn't really like him I guess.

So my face was under attack once again and I went to a very famous, celebrity dermatologist. Well, that dermatologist is proof that being famous does not really mean she’s a great doctor.

Though I told her about me scarring easily, she proceeded with the facials, squeezed the hell out of my acne and told me that she’d “fix” my scars after my pimples go away. Now, I always think about how stupid I was. Well, I was young and desperate.

The acne didn’t clear up while I was going through treatments with the famous dermatologist, so I let it be and stopped going to her. (Btw, my first dermatologist didn't go back to the clinic where she used to go to after her maternity leave.)

Around my first year in college, the acne started clearing out on its own, and that’s when I saw how bad my scars have gotten. I went to a new dermatologist, told her my history and informed me that with the severity of my acne, my face should have been left alone and that I should have been prescribed Accutane.

Well, too late for that. I am now 27, have scars all over my face and have gone through several treatments in the hopes that I’ll have skin that I will once again feel confident in.


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