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It's about to get real. (Photos)



This is an honest "blog" about trying Accutane/Isotretinoin and everything that comes with it (and I mean everything). Before taking this medication, I talked to so many people about it and what they thought and only one friend I talked to out of the few who have taken it, gave me the down and dirty details of her experience and THAT is what I wanted to know. Yes, the pregnancy shit is scary with how much they stress about it but I wanted to know the everyday experience of taking it because let's be honest, that laundry list of "common" side effects is NO joke. 

I'm a female, 23, with some-what of a healthy diet (I love sweets too much) who has struggled with acne since I was 14. I have tried everything from all types of over the counter faces washes, non-hypoallergenic soaps, DIY Pintrest facial cleansers, several types of antibiotics and prescription face creams. I have ADHD and anxiety which I'm sure plays a huge role in how much I worry about my acne but it's gotten to the point where I only wash my hair flipped over (never letting shampoo touch my back), switching out my pillow cases 3 times a week, never wearing the same shirt twice without washing it and cleaning my make-up brushes 1-2 times a week and I STILL struggle with bad acne. My boyfriend has always been supportive and there for me but I would find myself crying at night or letting him run into the store while I waited in the car because I was so embarrassed.

Hopefully, this is the longest post I will write (sorry for the ramble). I don't have anything more recent but here are some photos of what my Acne was like on June 26, 2016 (about a month ago). I don't think my acne has changed all that from what it is now.






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