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Day 5 - I Got This

Skin Condition
  • Skin redness seems to be minimal like it usually is
  • Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, one whitehead on my left cheek
  • No whiteheads on my chin this morning which is a nice surprise
  • Just like yesterday my skin was quite dry and flakey.
    • Dryness around my pimples (yay)
    • Not as dry around my eyes as yesterday (yay)
    • Not as dry around my mouth (yay) But this is still the dryest area of my face
  • my forehead looks relatively smooth but a whitehead has emerged
  • The deep "underground" painful pimple is still hanging around
  • This morning
    • I washed my face with warm water and then a little bit of sulfacleanse
      • Like yesterday I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed (ew)
    • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
    • After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it
  • I took my doxycycline
  • Mid day
    • I washed my face with warm water and my cerave hydrating cleanser. I wanted to feel fresh
  • Before bed
    • I washed my face with my cerave hydrating cleanser
    • I applied a little moisturizer (i have an event tomorrow so I applied moisturizer before my adapelene to insure minimal dryness tomorrow)
    • I waited 20 minutes
    • I applied a small amount of adapene on my cheeks, forehead, and chin
    • I applied more moisturizer
    • I put a glob of vicks vapor rub on my one cystic "blind" pimple.....
      • Ok I know this sounds crazy but this is a trick I have used in the past to bring cystic acne to a head, and its worked for me before. The reason I didnt do it the first day the cystic pimple arose is because it was the same day I was starting my new skincare routine and didnt want to bombard my face with SO MANY new products all at once. Now that my skin is somewhat adjusted to this regimen, I felt comfortable doing this spot treatment. Hopefully tomorrow this pimple will be at a head so i can SAFELY pop it and drain it. I try to keep popping to a minimum but in this case ill allow it. Ill detail how I pop my pimples tomorrow if I end up doing it.
  • Im already seeing less dryness than yesterday which is really comforting. Hopefully i overcome this flakey stage quickly! I can do this!
  • I want that big pimple under my nostril to leave!!! I might go to my derm and get it injected: this is a common process for cystic acne that I will go into more detail about if i choose to do it (but first i will see if my vicks vapor rub trick works)

  • If I have any new readers, Ill explain again that the reason Im choosing to list my Application process every day is to log it as it changes. Its already adapted a little over the first 5 days of treatment and I imagine it will adapt a lot more over the coming months. If you are interested in seeing the ORIGINAL routine given by my derm initially, go look at my blog description here (click read more).
  • If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!


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