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Day 3 - July 24,2016



Today I followed my regimen as planned, but I did catch myself picking at my face more than usual. I really gotta stop this because I feel like it is a main source causing the downfall of my skin. Whenever I apply products or wash my face, parts of it feel like they are stinging. I think this is because I am being too harsh on my skin starting out. To adjust this, I am going to wash my face with water instead of toner in the afternoon if my face is not especially oily or gross. This could cut back on the exaggerated chemical exposure. 

Also- is it bad that I am already starting to feel like giving up? I know, its been 3 days. But still, I don't know why I thought I would be seeing results by now. How long should I wait before fully re-evaluating how I am caring for my skin? I would be fine if I were just living life doing my thing every day, but starting Saturday, I will be on vacation for 2 weeks. For the first week I am going to the beach with 100 (!) of my closest relatives. Days are spent in the sun and in the salty water with little downtime (skin care time). Then, after that I am going to my friend's beach house for a night (I will probably have to modify my routine bc I hate being that annoying friend spending all he time in the bathroom). After that, I am going to a lake house will 100 (!) of my closest relatives on the other side of my family. This is the same level of physical activity and changing skin conditions- I want to make sure I am ready for it. How do you recommend I change up my routine because my skin will have been through more (more moisturizing? more masks?)? I also have some down time where I will be in my own home for 2 days at the start of the second week- I am probably going to use that time to pamper my skin and do masks and stuff to prepare it for crazy stuff round 2. Obviously, I will keep up posting on here so you know how it goes. But just one more question: How often should I post pictures of my skin? Weekly? Maybe every Monday?

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3 months for re evaluating. I wouldn't worry to much about you skin when on vaca since you wil be around salt water or when your with your friend just go have fun .  When you go back home then start up your routing again , also use the chemicals at night since you won't have to worry about going outside, mask in the morning. I hate how sensitive my skin is I really have to take it slow but that's what I do.   Take Pictures every other week would be a good idea.

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