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Day 4 - Peeling in full force?

Skin Condition
  • As per usual redness was to a minimum when I woke up
  • All the acne on my cheeks are gone, im left with many prominent marks though
  • My chin is still a whitehead factory, but the whiteheads sorta just.....fell off? flaked off?.... this morning
  • The area around my mouth looked a little flakey when i first woke up.....and once I washed my face and let it dry I saw my entire face was a flake fest.
    • There was dryness surrounding each of the little marks/pimples on my forehead and cheeks which seemed to be good. It was literally a circle of dryness around each pimple.
    • There was dryness on my eyelids and undereyes. Looks like I need to be even MORE careful about not getting the adapalene near my eyes
    • There was the most dryness and flakage around my mouth. My skin looked snow white in that area because of how flakey it was. Im going to need to avoid this area with adapelene too.
  • my forehead looks smooth overall besides a few little pink spots, each looking a little dry
  • The deep "underground" painful pimple really isnt doing much at all. Just chilling there still, but a little flakey around the edges
  • This morning
    • I washed my face with warm water before applying the sulfacleanse and briefly rubbing it in. I rinsed and tried to be careful to avoid my eye area.
      • After washing I let my skin dry a little and it was at this moment I saw how insanely flakey my skin was. I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions around my mouth to remove the excess skin flakes (ew). Even after doing this it was still very flakey but there was considerable improvement.
    • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
    • After that dry I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it
  • I took my doxycycline
    •  I ended up putting on a little green tinted primer over my cheeks along with a light amount of bb cream to cover some of my acne marks
  • Before  bed
    • I washed my face with my cerave hydrating cleanser
    • i waited 20 minutes
    • I applied adapelene being careful to put it only on areas with lots of acne/marks
    • i waited 5 minutes
    • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
  • The peeling and dryness is here in full force. As much as I want to stop uusing the adapelene and make the peeling stop, Im going to perservere and push through. I applied less adapelene tonight, and really concentrating on ONLY applying it on areas with bad acne
  • The peeling is bad but managable: Just using washcloths to remove dead skin in the morning and LOTS of  moisturizer
  • I hope I dont get peelier than this
  • I want that big pimple under my nostril to leave!!!



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