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Tretitonin .05%



My dermatologist told me it was not uncommon for women to experience adult acne issues after having children. Kids completely change your bodies chemistry and hormone levels. After having a boy, I had elevated testosterone levels. My doctor perscribed me tretitonin .05% and told me to apply it at night, everyday, and use benzoyl peroxide in the mornings if my skin tolerated it.

The first 3 months with the Tretitonin was HORRIBLE. My acne was so severe and painful that I didn't want to leave the house. Not only that, but my skin was peeling so bad that I literally had huge peices of skin barely hanging on my face that people at university would stop and tell me i had skin coming off my face. I was MORTIFIED. And, no matter what I did, my skin would continue to peel. I would go to the bathroom every 2 hours to check it out, and would sit there and try to rub all the dead skin off my face. I could hardly wear make up because it would show the dry skin more.

Fed up, I searched the internet for answers and made my own regime that seemed to help. I called it "the Tretitonin Survival Kit". It includes: coconut oil, vitamin E oil, rose water with glycerin, and tea tree oil.  At night I washed my face with a coconut milk cleanser and used the rose water with glycerin (can find this at walmart) as a toner. Then, I would apply 3 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and dilute it with a little water and apply this to my acne spots (which was all over my entire face anyway). Then, I would apply the vitamin E oil on the patches that my skin tended to peel most, which was around my mouth, nose and around my eyebrows. Once all that seemed to seep into my skin, I put coconut oil on top and all over my face. The tea tree and coconut oil  have antibacterial properties, so it helps counteract the nasty results that tretitonin brings out (brings the bacteria inyour skin to the surface, causing horrible break outs for the first few months.)

After my skin completed its purging period with tretitonin, the peeling still never went away. The acne cleared up only about 60%, which is still a huge improvement, but not what I fully wanted. It helped with the nasty cystic acne around my jawline, and the tiny skin colored bumps I would get on my forehead. My cheeks still had white head pimples on it, and I would treat them with the benzyl peroxide .5%. 

With only 60% clearer skin, I knew there had to be something better to get me to 80% at least. And finally I found something that works for me!


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