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My personal acne history



I started having acne when I was around 13. It wasn't severe, it stayed very controllable with topical treatments such as oxy clean pads, clearisil pads, and other over the counter treatments. It wasn't until about grade 10, 15 years old that I began having larger problems with acne. It was all over my cheeks and forehead, and was quite embarrassing. And so, my acne journey took me to trying many forms of birth control.

Yaz birth control worked wonders for me until i was 18 and became pregnant ( i was off birth control for one month due to not refilling my prescription and became pregnant during that time). I ended up having a son, but during my pregnancy, I have never had such terrible acne. It was on every inch of skin on my face and upper back. I had very painful cyctic acne that was very stubborn and would not go away. Since retinoid remedies are COMPLETELY out of the question during pregnancy, I was left with crappy drug store items that didn't work anyways.

It wasn't until I treated myself to a spa day that I discovered natural products are definitely the way to go. During my spa day, I was introduced to the skin care line Eminence. It's purely organic, and they have an acne line that, to my surprise, works very well. It was safe to use when I was pregnant, and I continued to use it until I ran out. I ran out about two weeks after giving birth, and i started the regime when I was about 4 months pregnant. So the line lasts about 5 to 6 months, which is pretty good considering the price. I did not continue the line after having my child because it was quite expensive to buy the cleanser, toner, serum, spot treatment and moisturizer all at once. My skin didn't completely clear up, but it improved about 70%.

I started back on birth control after having my child and to my surprise, it did not help my acne anymore. Nothing did. I finally went to a dermatologist, who stuck me on Tretitonin. That stuff is the devil. I will write about my experiences with it on my next entry, along with a review.


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