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Day 3 - No Peeling Yet...mostly

Skin Condition
  • today I woke up with skin that wasnt all that red at all. Even my acne seemed to be less red.
  • My cheeks dont seem to have much acne on them anymore, just lots and lots of old acne marks
  • my chin has a few dry scablike spots from where some whiteheads popped the night before last.
  • my forehead is looking pretty good. Its really smooth aside from a few pink bumps and 1 whitehead. otherwise my skin texture looks good.
  • The deep "underground" painful pimple just under my left nostril is still there. It doesnt hurt as much so progress maybe?

  • This morning
    • I washed my face with warm water before applying the sulfacleanse and briefly rubbing it in. I rinsed and tried to be careful to avoid my eye area.
    • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
  • I took my doxycycline
  • I washed my face in the middle of the day
    • because i sweated a little and just wanted a refresher. I used mostly warm water and a tiny bit of my gentle cerave cleanser
    • I applied my moisturizer
  • Before bed
    • I washed my face again with the gentle hydrating cerave cleanser
    • waited 20 mins
    • applied the adapalene all over my face
    • waited 5 minutes
    • applied my moisturizer
  • My face has one or two little flaky bits that I was able to treat with some moisturizer... I noticed extra flakyness towards the end of the day
  • Also towards the end of the day a few whiteheads popped up on my chin. i think this is good. my skin is clearing out. Because of the decreased redness in my skin today, the whiteheads arent even all that annoying.
  • my period is coming to an end so maybe thats contributing to the reduced redness? My face seriously had little to no redness beyond areas immediately surrounding a pimple or acne mark. So thats nice


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