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Week 5



Well I'm through five full weeks, currently ending this week on an up but I would've loved to see more improvement at this point in the process than I have. Now don't get me wrong, I have noticed a lot of improvement but I am still a long way off from where I want to be. My skin is definitely smoother and my active zits seems to be coming in considerably smaller and I think the small bumps of hormonal acne I have are also shrinking so yes all good things. BUT I have noticed an increase of little (barely noticeable but still bothersome) spots on my forehead :(


As for right now I have like 4 (super little) active spots under my jawline, one weird zit on the side of my nose that is healing, and two small whiteheads right next to each other on the right side of my face (my major problem area). So much improvement over a week ago but this is a process and I have to remember that.


As far as side effects go- I have noticed the oil production on my face has decreased from the Spiro and my skin went through a day of being drier than usual (could be from the Epiduo but most likely from not properly moisturizing after a face mask I use for old acne scars)


3 weeks until my follow up derm appointment-----super anxious about if she feels like I've made some improvement!

Please comment questions, your story, or words of encouragement. Acne sucks but knowing there is other people who struggle helps a lot!


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