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Day 2 - Progress Already??

Skin Condition
  • I woke up with skin that looked just as red as yesterday if not more red
  • My cheeks are still covered with deep red acne and acne marks, theres an additional whitehead or two
  • the whiteheads on my chin seemed to have popped while i was sleeping (ew) and are kinda scabbed over now
  • last night my forehead had lots of little bumps and that seems to have condensed down into 4 or 5 whiteheads.....i think thats a good thing?? my forehead looks smoother overall
  • The deep "underground" painful pimple just under my left nostril is still there. not sure if its doing any better or worse

  • This morning
    • I washed my face with warm water before applying the sulfacleanse and briefly rubbing it in. I rinsed and tried to be careful to avoid my eye area.
    • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
  • I took my doxycycline
  • Before bed
    • I washed my face with my cerave hydrating cleanser
    • waited 20 minutes
    • I applied the adapelene ONLY on areas with highly concentrated pimples (cheeks, chin)
      • I am going to go the first week alternating between using the adapelene all over my face and using it only in areas of high concern. The reason for this is I dont want to apply too much adapelene on areas where I have no pimples like my jawline and cheekbones. After the week is over and my face is better adjuusted to the adapelene I think I will use it nightly over my entire face.
    • waited 5 minutes
    • applied my moisturizer 
  • My face feels a little drier today but nothing insane. Im not peeling yet either.
  • Still on my period, not sure if thats adding additional acne to my face
  • still praying that if I experience the initial breakouts from adapelene that it happens soon and is over qickly.

  • Im already seeing how flexible this routine is going to become in the future, but as of now I think I will strictly stick to the routine above, where the only fluctuation night to night is how much (if any) adapelene I apply. I will try to not go ovverboard in the beginning, but eventally I intend to apply it on my entire face nightly


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