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Ok- I am going to try and write in this blog every night to update my progress. PLEASE comment and respond in some way because I do not want to be alone in this- I want to make friends to keep me motivated!

Problem areas- my temples and cheekbones are really bad, I also have A TON of white bumps on my chin that have been there FOREVER

I am going to start my routine on Friday, July 22.

Morning-I wake up and wash and dry my face with water. When getting ready for the day, I apply minimal foundation to cover my problem areas- my problem areas are basically hyper-pigmentation)
Afternoon (after school/work - around 3-5:00ish)-Toner (Neutrogena Oil Free Toner) or Cleansing Wipes from the Dermo
-I usually shower late at night, so I will use Keto-whatever shampoo (from the demo) on my face in the shower and afterwards, I use whatever face lotion I have
-If I shower a little earlier, I'll do moisturizer then and I'll do the face wash before I go to bed (when I brush my teeth and stuff)
-The last thing I'll do it put spot cream (ex. Tazorac from the dermo) on my acne right before I go to beg.

Current Face Routine as of Friday, July 22
Morning-Wash with water
Afternoon- Toner or Face Wipes
Night- Keto-whatever shampoo, lotion, and zit cream

Questions/Things I'm thinking about:
-Weekly face masks/deep cleaning? Every saturday?
-Should I get a clarisonic? Is it worth the money?
-Should I invest in chemical peels/facials?
-Should I change how I eat?

Things I will try to do:
-Stick with this routine (and make edits to it as needed)
-I want to stop touching and picking my face omg!!
-I have a lot of $ from finishing up my job at a summer camp that I am willing to spend on my skin- please recommend products!




Hey hey hey hey , I have the clarisonic i luv it but its only good when you used a bha or aha from my experience. but you have to understand what kind of acne you have , once you figure that out treat your acne for you type.
You don't really need chemical peels , you can just use aha or bha. look them up n you will understand.
Should you change how you eat, well i mean it depends if you want to help get rid of acne or not, lol no of course you should go for a whole foods diet, but don't go crazy on the grains cut back and check for to see if you an intolerance to gluten. hey go get a food allergy test that will help a lot i heard. Also if you know your blood type checkout blood type diet. I WANT TO SAVE YOU MONEY. 

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A lot of people cut out dairy and this seems to help many. Might be worth the try. I did it and it was super easy :) Good luck! Acne suuuuucks but things will get better. You might also want to consider seeing a doctor if it makes you that uncomfortable! They can prescribe stuff and give some tips! 

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