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Day 1 - It Begins

In an effort to go gentle on my skin, for the last 10 days I have used the sulfacleanse every other night and I have taken the doxycycline once a day.  This was to allow my skin to adjust to these products before introducing the adapelene gel, the strongest of the medications.  Today will be day 1 of my FULL regemen inculding the adapelene.
  • So far, over the past 10 days I havent really noticed my acne reducing in amount, but mostly a reduction in the overall redness of my skin. So thats what my starting point will be.

Skin Condition
  • I am starting with pretty red, broken out skin.
  • My cheeks are covered with deep red acne and acne marks
  • my chin has plenty of marks and white heads
  • my forehead has lots of little bumps.
  • I have a deep "underground" painful pimple just under my left nostril. Hopefully that subsides instead of emerging as a giant whitehead

  • In the Morning
    • I washed my face with sulfacleanse
    • I moisturized
  • I took my Doxycycline with lots of food and water
  • Before getting into bed (where I am now)
    • I washed my face with a gentle cerave cleanser
    • waited 20 mintues
    • applied a pea sized amount of Adapelene by dotting it around my face and then rubbing it in
    • waited 5 minutes
    • applied my moisturizer 

  • So far so good. I didn't expect to discover much after this first application
  • I am currently on my period, and I tend to get a little more acne flareups around that time. im taking that into account but with the rate that I get acne these days its hard to tell whats from my period and what isnt.
  • My skin feels a little tight everywhere except my forehead. My forehead is where I'm usually oiliest so that's probably why its still nice and moisturized in that area.
  • I've read from other experiences from people on Adapelene that I can expect to experience EXTREME skin dryness and flaking along with an initial breakout soon. Hopefully if I am going to experience either of those, they come and go quickly.
  • I usually wake up in the morning with generally calmer looking skin from the evening before (less redness), but with an extra whitehead or two on my cheeks, chin or forehead, so we will see.

  • This Blog will probably maintain a format similar to this one but its flexible to adjust to whatever information I find useful to add
  • The reason I plan to explicitly state my application process each blog post is because I expect it to adapt and change as I go
  • I will probably update the blog every day at least in the beginning and maybe less frequently as I go...I will see
  • I am taking progress photos but to be completely honest I don't feel brave enough to share them. Maybe at the end of my journey I will feel differently and add some photos. Right now i'm mainly using the photos to track my own progress and detail it here.


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