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Closed Comedones on Forehead week 1 and week 12.



OK, so I have taken a picture on my laptop to show my forehead change from the beginning to now. Although the second picture is not great, I think the improvement is still quite clear.



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What has been helping you?! Diet or topical?

My forehead has been less irritated and clearing up since I started drinking herbal tea more often.
Mainly dandelion root tea, milk thistle tea, calendula tea and spearmint tea. 

Your gorgeous! xo

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Thank you! :) It's the Roaccutane. Nothing in 15 years of acne helped with this. I did have times with less red pustules, but always had the closed comedones.


Edited by Bentley.boo

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I'm so glad it is working for you! xo
Is that the drug you are told to stay out of the sun while taking it?

I'm a summer baby...I could never stay out of the sun. :) 

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Yes this is the one. It has been hot lately here but all I find is I am tanning more easy!

As for the gym I suppose as long as you wash your face after you have been that's good.

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