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Accutane Week 9, 10 and 11: Update



So haven't had a chance to update on progress over the last few weeks - been incredible busy with work and marking the end of Ramadan!

Generally speaking my symptoms have not varied much:

  • Acne Update - am still breaking out here and there with small white heads and bumps - mainly on my forehead for some odd reason (which pre accutane was clear!). Thankfully no more cysts on my chin. Generally speaking my skin is looking much better  - it feels much smoother and the scars are beginning to fade.
  • Dryness - my hands seems to be getting worse in terms of how peely they are. I have been drinking LOADS of water but no difference. *Time for a shout-out* - my fiance ordered me some hand cream for tough hands last week so will be giving that a go - am hoping it helps because it is so horrible having such dry peely hands all the time no matter how much I moisturise :(
  • Lips - OH EM GEE.. so my lips have generally been okay, nothing too major, but last 2 weeks the corners are cracking and I cannot open my mouth fully because it hurts and cracks and bleeds. Am always rubbing aquaphor on the corners but it doesn't seem to help - everyday is the same. Has anyone else had this and if so, any advice?
  • Toilet Problem - This has to be my biggest problem on Accutane and gross as it is - this is my blog and I want it to help others out there too who may be suffering the same. A month in to my accutane, I found that sometimes there would be blood on the tissue when wiping. This was on and off for a while and it was very painful during bowel movement - felt almost glass like. I spoke to my Dermatologist when it first happened and she said to increase my water and fruit intake. More recently it worsened and I learned that this was/is most probably hemorrhoids and have since been using prep H wipes and other creams which have helped. I have been drinking lots of water and eating lots of fibre foods to help - past few days have been much better and hoping it continues!

I last had my dermatologist appointment 2 weeks ago and she was happy with my progress and said that my course would most likely be 5 months which means I am half way there and should be done by September - cannot wait!!!

Hope everyone else is progressing well :)


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