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Week 4 (One Month)



Ugghhhhhh it has been a long week. The farther I get into this process the longer the weeks get! The week started off good---I was on a major up----the little whiteheads on my cheeks seemed to be smoothing out and I had no active pimples! My makeup looked so even and my skin was smooth (or so I thought). It was awesome and I was beginning to feel confident in this process but then I hit a down (I feel like I go through the same up and down process every week).

Mid-week different lightening and a mirror gave me a horrible perspective and my confidence deflated. My skin looked no better, my little spots were red even under makeup and I have like a cluster of 4-5 painful, huge whiteheads. I am still treating them at night with raw honey and covering them with a bandage (this is a life saver and keeps me from picking/popping/touching). Still trying to treat the scarring but it seems like I have deal with a new scar every few days. Spots that were colorless are all coming up (purging? Yay?) and now I am getting I am getting little spots on my forehead, a place I have never ever ever broken out.

Hopefully next week I will have better news to report or at least have an up that last longer than 3 days!!!!!!!

I see my derm in 3 weeks and a new derm in my college town in 4 weeks hopefully I can go into those appointments and report some improvement!


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