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Week one check-in

Steph J


Hello everyone!

Here I am to do my week one check-in on Accutane.

This week has gone surprisingly well compared to what I have researched online prior to committing to the Accutane treatment. I was warned about EXCESSIVE drying of  the skin and a major initial breakout. I'm happy to say, the drying is minimal and I have not had a major break out... yet! It was on day 5, after I did my daily makeup routine, that I noticed my face absorbing all the liquid foundation I put on it so that is when I noticed it was dry. I find myself only dry around my nostrils, on my upper lip and my actual lips- they are so chapped! Other than that, I have had no major issues. But, I also haven't noticed any improvement in the amount of acne I have. A also haven't changed my skin care routine other than applying more moisturizer after I wash my face two times a day.

I apologize for the yellowness of the pictures this week. I'm not sure why they came out looking like they did. Also, I do have a natural pink undertone but in the pictures, I had just showered and also put on face moisturizer so please excuse the redness! 

Have a great week everyone!







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