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Acne.org tips

Some tips for using the regimen that I have found thus far:

Firstly- the key is to follow what Dan says and not just use the products how you've always used acne products if you want it to actually work.

1) For me, the thick layer of benzoyl all being applied and lightly smeared and then the thick lotion being applied and smeared lightly (after the benzoyl dried of course) made me feel really sticky and goopy like I had a thick layer of stuff on my face. So to help with this I applied (still a lot of benzoyl) but instead of putting a ton on my finger and lightly smearing it I put little dime sized amounts on my finger tips and lightly smear it in sections of my face and then once it runs out i put another dime size amount and smear it in a different section until my whole face is covered. and i do the same thing for applying the moisturizer.
2) After my benzoyl and lotion have completely dried on my face as much as they will (my face has a problem where it doesnt fully absorb all of the moisturizer no matter how long i wait) so after it is all as absorbed as possible (about 20 minutes) then i take some of those Clean and Clear blotting papers (the blue ones you can buy at any drug store) and i blot my whole face down to remove the excess. 
3) Personally, I try to not wear makeup everyday but I do wear makeup often on the regimen. My first two tips help it go on smoother. Then, for taking off my makeup, I use the jojoba oil that you can buy on this website (i bought the regimen with the jojoba) and I pour some of that into my fingers and rub it gently all over my face and eyes and rinse with water and all my makeup comes off super easily and then I continue with the regimen wash, etc. 
4) this is kind of unrelated to the regimen, but I know Dan says you don't need any other products for your skin and people fear using others with the regimen cause they think their skin with get irritated but for me I use a face mask about once a week (not for blemishes or bumps because the regimen works great in clearing that stuff up) for uneven skin tone and blackheads and pores and just a better texture and I have found it works great and doesnt irritate me and gives you that extra little something. The one i use is Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. I highly recommend this one!


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