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I have been suffering a severe case of acne since I hit puberty, around 13 years of age. I have a very oily and sensitive skin. I get acnes around my cheek area and barely on my forehead. I had an oddly irregular period cycle throughout 2014/2015. I only had my period roughly about 5-6 times last year. I was a school athlete and was quite active in sports and I noticed that whenever I drink whey protein, more pimples (especially cystic acne) will appear all over my cheeks. I have excessive body and facial hair which might suggest that I have high androgen levels. I have been to more than 10 dermatologists and nothing they prescribed really worked long term. Every dermatologist I've consulted with tells me the exact same things; "drink plenty of water." "get enough sleep" "its normal for teens to get acne" etc. The acne always comes back consistently and sometimes even worsen. I have terrible hair fall and I have a very hard time losing weight even though I am physically active and have been avoiding fast foods completely. I have always been skinny since I was a kid but started gaining weight drastically when I was 13/14 years old. I have attempted numerous diets and nothing worked.

I'm starting to think I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I have tried talking to my parents about this but they keep telling me that Im exaggerating. They also think that me wanting to see a doctor for this is useless because they think that I don't take care of myself and that the acne will come back anyway.
I get very self conscious to even get in family photos and my dad will usually get angry and threaten to hurt me. I always try to be patient and keep myself calm because I know if I stress out too much, my acne will get worse. Some nights I just cry myself to sleep knowing that Ive lost a lot of friends and that I dont have anyone, all because of acne. My family is quite unsupportive of me, especially with this acne situation. Im afraid I might become depressed in the near future. Im only 17 and I don't really have the money to get quality consultation let alone treatments.




I am not a physician but I would suggest going to a physician and having your thyroid checked and blood work. Sometimes when the thyroid is off balance it can cause horrible acne, hairless, and weight issues. Dr. Lauren discusses it here. If you have health insurance, you should look into a primary physician who can help you. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this alone without support. Remember that you are not alone, this is a community of people who are struggling with the same issues as you. There will be relief for you, and getting yourself checked by a primary physician will bring you one step closer.

Stay positive & keep smiling!


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I have multiple auto immune disorders contributing to my acne. Please feel free to check out my daily blogs. You are not alone! Xoxooxo 

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