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Day One: Realization

Hello and welcome to my blog, I hope you can enjoy these posts and I bring a sense of happiness to your day!:) Firstly I am 18, a recent high school graduate and about to finish my 2-year degree in business. I obviously have experiences with stress - and that's what this first post is going to be all about. Exactly a week ago I went clubbing with my friend for her birthday and some lovely (sarcasm) human being slid my phone out of my pocket and basically stole it. Right then and there. It was a brand new iPhone 6s and my dad was furious. I still don't have one but that's besides the point. The point is, I panicked - literally. I cried and cried anddddd cried. While that was happening I was trying to use Panoxyl 10% foaming wash. I had used it a while back but it was so drying so I stopped. Well the same thing happened... My face was literally cracking and hard skin flakes would peel off. It was red, irritated and INSANELY itchy. But I felt like it was clearing up my skin so I kept at it. Only today, after piling on Vaseline and moisturizer did I come to the realization - I wasn't helping my cause. I had a wonderful boyfriend back in my junior year who built me up to be this beautiful woman with or without makeup. Oddly enough,  I got on birth control and my skin was completely clear while I dated him. When we broke up I dated this other guy. Unlike my ex, his skin was baby soft and as clear as a summers day. I felt so self-conscious and I had just gotten off of my birth control and my skin was at an all time low. Fast forward, I have a new boyfriend (relax, this is over a couple years) and although he's seen me without makeup on (on a decent skin day), I'm still uncomfortable a bit. I think being comfortable in your own skin makes a huge impact on the skin you radiate. I go everywhere without makeup, partially because it's summer in Florida and it's hot and partially because I have no one to impress normally haha but seriously I am confident. However, I struggle knowing that the effort I put into my skin isn't being reflected all the time on the outside. So this blog with be me, getting back to basics. I am going to get through this and hopefully in a couple weeks my skin will be relatively clear, my mind will be positive and my body will be happy!


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