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6 going on 7



When my case of picking started, I was starting off 6th grade where I would scratch or pop a pimple here and there. Then as the years went by I suddenly found more and more scars and scabs on my face. After sophomore year I knew my scars were starting to form. I didn't have smooth skin anymore and I felt my skins at different levels. But at the start of my senior year I met the most amazing man in the whole world and 8 and 1/2 months later in our relationship he's helping me finish off the fight with SPD.

My case of SPD went to the point where I stopped noticing when I was picking and my partner would smack my hands and I'd ask him what the hell was that for? He'd point to my head and oh man did I feel ashamed. He's been very supportive and linient with it because it has affected my relationships with people and sometimes even him. It's come to losing him that made me realize enough was enough. 

I've also been doing extensive research on pores and acne itself and found a really helpful video that explained what type of pores people have and went very into detail on how to treat it and prevent it. I'll go more into detail about it on Tuesday. And sorry I haven't posted yet I've just been busy packing for summer school! Talk to y'all soon! :)


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