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Accutane Treatment Week 4

Acne Status: I went to the dermatologist today to check in, get my blood work done, and refill my prescription! I’ve been getting used to the dryness and occasional flare-ups and things are slowly but surely starting to clear! My dermatologist increased my dose of Accutane to 80 mg a day (Two 40mg capsules per day). Not sure how I feel about this, but hopefully it’s a good thing. My chest is SOOO clear right now it’s so nice feeling confident in my swimsuit! My back is getting better, but still has some painful cysts. My face keeps on going through waves of being very clear to having certain parts flare up!! Right now the only “bad” area is my forehead, but it is not even close to how bad it has been before! Hopefully I continue to see improvement!


Overall Rating of Acne Severity: B


Face: C+

Back: B-

Chest: A



Side Effects: The 4th week has mostly presented the all too familiar dryness. I am still using Aquaphor, Cetaphil, and vaseline and they work like a charm. My lips and cheeks are the areas which are affected the most and it can sometimes be irritating, but I assure you all it is bearable and worth the results! My mood has been better and I haven’t had any dramatic episodes lately (knock on wood!). My appetite has also been so much better and I am eating normally again. I think now that my body has gotten used to the medication, my side effects aren’t as bad as they used to be. Hopefully upping the dosage doesn’t cause them to get worse! Stay tuned! 


Overall Ratings of Side Effect Severity: B


Dryness: C+

Mood: B

Appetite: A-



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