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Week 3



Alrighty, so I am one day away from 3 weeks! Everything I read says this is when things could get bad so fingers crossed they don't get any worse. It has been another week of ups and down skin wise. I have like 7 active zits (all whiteheads) and I can tell more and more stuff is coming to the surface and most of them appeared today. This has to be because of the Epiduo because they are only in places it is applied. I also felt two monster zits forming under the surface, they were sore and filled with fluid but hadn’t come to the surface yet, me being the idiot that I am decided to drain them myself, well a thin layer of skin kind of scabbed over and now it is just dry rough skin on my chin and I still feel fluid underneath. My biggest regret of the week. My skin does seem to be drying out more, I think I am using my acne scar mask too much so I am going to take a few days off of that. All and all I feel my skin has gotten worse this week but not drastically worse so that is good. In certain situations I will look at my skin and notice improvement and then other times I want to cry because it is so horrendous. Is that normal?!??

Though I will say, I do feel like the texture is improving. Just gotta get through the big spots and their purging (if that is even what is happening!)

Started to really wonder is this was a hormonal problem or some other factor- so made an appointment with an OB/GYN to get my hormones tested (yaaaaay)

So I love natural remedies, I recently read that applying raw honey and a bandage over a zit overnight will kill it faster. I jumped at the chance to try this. When I tried it the honey seemed to create bigger spots but I think that may have been it bringing the bacteria to the surface (I honestly have no idea) BUT having a bandage on my face prevented me from messing with my spots!!!!! I will try the honey thing again tonight and see what happens. Might be an old wives tale but totally worth a try. Also lemon juice applied topically helps with scarring so I am trying that also (I scar so easily) and lemon juice diluted with water helps remove toxins from your body just an fyi!!!!!

If anyone has any tips/suggestions for quick spot treatments, I am all ears! Got an engagement party to go to this weekend and would love not to have all these raised spots on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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