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4th Month Done - Queue Derm Visit

Finshed my 4th month of Accutane! Time really has flown - I remember reading that & hearing that on YouTube videos and thinking "Yeah, right! Your in throes of Accutane desert dryness!" but it really has flown by!

Day 107-118: I have a few spots that aren't completely flat but no big ones! That time of the month came & went with only 2 new pimples coming in & they were just little - came & went within a couple of days. To not break out dramatically at my time of month is completely unheard of! My face looks so different! I even went to Sephora to check out BB creams as i just have a some hyperpigmentation/redness - i feel like the BB cream would cover that. I dont think i need to "spackle" like i have my whole life. Sephora employees are super awesome, the girl gave me samples of the 2 BB creams i was interested in as she said the consistency was very different & boy was she right! I really liked the Torte over the BareMinerals & i am a BareMinerals girl all the way! 

I did develop a rash/eczema on the back of my hands but that was my fault, I didnt drink enough water 1 day & BAM! RASH! Took about a week for it to go away after diligently drinking minimum 150 oz of water & putting super awesome lotion (Aveeno Overnight cream) several times a day. 

Yesterday i noticed a new pimple on my chin area & a raised one on that cluster of 7-8 on my left cheek. Its like the cluster doesnt want to DIE!!!!!!!! 

Still have some joint pain & tiredness but not enough to keep me from walking everyday.

Day 119-127: Saw the dermatolgist the other day & a pretty routine visit as previous appointments but this one was with the doctor instead of the CNP. Dr was pleased with my results so far and won't be increasing my dosage anymore, I will stay on 80mg for a few more months. I kinda figured I would have to extend it another month for a total of 7 months, dr wants 2 months of no breakouts. For the most part my face has cleared up I have literally 1 some what active pimple on my jaw line. 1! Only 1! I dont remember the last time my face was this clear....

I did ask about the pimple/blackhead/thing on my nose and the doc recommened acne surgery since i have some other blackheads on my face. She said lets just get rid of them all in one swoop as there is some congestion on my jaw line. I've never really had blackheads just the cystic acne or maybe i have & just couldn't see them hahaaa. So I'm ok with the acne surgery and have it scheduled for next week.

Doc also told me i could take both my Accutane pills together in the morning, she said they recommend splitting them up 

Side-effects have leveled off and I am thankful!
Lips still dry but not the super intense like it has been the last 3 weeks or so. Joint pain/tiredness going away but i dont know if thats from the meds or me working a lot of overtime and doing a lot of yardwork... No rashes. Eyes still dry but again not the super intense as it was the last 3 weeks or so. 

I did venture out with no foundation on, just eye make up and it was so uplifting to do so! I still have the hyper-pigmentation but nothing a little BB cream & some BareMinerals Mineral Veil doesn't cover/soften & even out.

Im way excited to see how this month and next month goes!


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