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What the Biome Project is: What's the experiment?



OK.  So!  To keep everyone up-to-date, I've tried the regular treatments that we all try.  

1) Drying it up!  This is our BP, astringents, alcohols ...
2) Removing it: This is our peels, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, tetrinoids ...
3) Killing that bacteria: This is our antibiotics and topical's that contain an antibiotic or even BP ...
4) Ignoring it: HAH!  It becomes worse so much faster!
5) Alternatives: This is our blue and red light, acupuncture, food changes, getting tested for allergies ...

Nothing has worked amazingly well so far.  Like many of you, I've had minimal successes that lasted during or shortly after X type of treatment.  Nothing has been long-lasting.  I also will NEVER take Accutane.  I've seen how it's cleared people's skins then came back years later and they had to SUFFER through another treatment.  I've seen skin become clear of acne and plagued by other issues like my brother's craters on his face.  No acne, but his face looks like a cartoon image of the moon ... No thanks!

So, here is what I do want to try!  I am going to add bacteria to my skin.  I feel like we've gone from clean to sterilized.  New research suggest that this is causing the rise in many illnesses such as allergic reactions, asthma and even certain skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Now, I've read many stories of people who tried to no longer shower and they just end up smelling bad and their skin doesn't get much better.  Thanks, but no thanks!  I'll skip trying that myself!  I'm going from a very sanitized world into ''just a clean world'' and this is already scary enough for me as it is.  

I plan to put some bacteria that has been known to help us and that we had on our skin before we destroyed it with all of our cleanliness.  Part two is to continue cleaning myself and not disinfecting with all these soaps and creams and ... So I will another type of product to ''clean'' but not enough to destroy my bacteria.  These products are also supposed to nourish my skin and therefore, make it feel better. Yes, I will name all of the products in my next blog.  I have ordered all of them and I am waiting. I called my blog Project Biome because my hypothesis is that bacteria replenishment and nourishing my skin can change its biome making my skin healthier, clearer and smoother.  

I am NOT backed up by any of these companies (in fact, getting the bacteria producing company to answer questions can be like pulling teeth!).  They are better after you buy and have given me good service since (they handled a lost package with an A+ service) but I must warn you that they seem to ignore questions if you have not bought from them.  This is from 5 sources that sent them questions (very simple questions because I'm asked them to do so in order to see if they had problems receiving emails or had a good excuse to ignore people).  The other company is 100% different.  They have had a LONG conversation with me about my skin and about this project.  I invite them to post here if they would like.  I am still not associated with them in any way shape or form other than buying from them and being able to tell you that so far, they have great customer service.

PS: Yes, photos are still incoming Thursday or Friday and I will identify each of the issues  on my face.


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