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The specimen: me



Before I can start talking about the product that I plan on using, I would like the reader to get to know me a bit more.  We all have different types of acne.  We have all tried different treatments.  We all have different concerns. Each person here has their specific goal(s) in mind and I wish that you all get to achieve it/them.  I did not have problematic acne until university.  I had a pimple here and there in high school, but my skin was gorgeous.  Today, at the age of 32, it's still not terrible.  I would like, however, to achieve the best results possible.

Skin problems:

1) Cysts that appear every so often.  They hurt and can last for months.  I've been lancing them carefully in order to reduce their size and how long they last.  They come and go.  I can be months without one then have three appear at a time. 

2) Blackheads: I'm not filled with blackheads, but I do get some.  They are extracted of course, but as I age, my skin gets more red more easily.  My nose is the main area for blackheads.

3) Whiteheads: I get one here, one there ... a few at a time.  They are usually popped and treated.  Since I used Tetrinoid, the right side of my nose will not stop breaking out.  It's the whiteheads that feel bottomless.  Pop and they show up with more.

4) ingrown hair (or I suspect that it is):  This is on the side of my left eyebrow.  It's a bit of a raised bump.  It does get hidden with my glasses, but I know that it's there and it bothers me.  It will not do anything if popped or pressed on most of the time.  Every so often, a little black dot is expelled.  It looks like a blackhead, but I suspect that it's an ingrown hair.

5) Redness: I've always been a bit more red, but now my cheeks and my nose area can get too red for my liking.  I've recently been diagnosed with psoriasis on my feet and legs.  My grandmother just beat breast cancer and she's like my mother.  The shock of it all gave us both the same skin problem.  There is another problem as well.  There is a small red dot that is totally flat in between my eyebrows.  A dermatologist told me that it stayed red because it was an active pimple, but she would not listen.  I've had it for well over a decade and it never secretes anything.  It has diminished in size and has become paler due to certain products that I've used.

6: Burns: I have two dark line sunder each eye's.  They  are not bags.  I suspect that they are burns from going too close to my eye with the Tetrinoid or with a 10% Glycolic acid mask.  They have been there for a few months and not much has helped them fade.7) Razor burns: My skin used to be able to take a beating.  Now, even with a fresh blade, wet shaving and hydrating like crazy after shaving, it leaves my neck red until it's time to shave again. I will be posting pics of my face and identify each area using the numbers in order to give a visual to the information.  I'm getting a haircut on Thursday and will wait until after that because it will be easier to show the skin.  My Webcam will have to do and it's not the greatest.  It should get the job done well enough anyway.

PS: I am French so if you have any issues  understanding anything that I write, let me know and I will seek to correct it and make it legible.

In my next entry, I would like to talk a bit about products that I've tried since the age of 16 or so.  Then, I will detail my new plan.


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