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Ello ello :)

I began writing a blog about my accutane experience on here a couple of years ago, but I stopped writing after the second week :/ Which I now regret, as I am starting on course number 2, and would have really loved to have a reference longer than 2 weeks to look back on!

I stopped taking accuatane the first time round after 4 months, and I guess it was too soon. I had cleared up so incredibly well and all my scars had even faded and I felt incredible. Then a few months ago I began breaking out again- across my forehead this time, not a place I ever had breakouts before, and now it is sort of everywhere. Even though it's not anywhere close to as awful as the acne I had a couple of years ago, it's uncontrollable enough that I definitely think I have to go through the treatment again. So, today I took the first dosage- a low one, just 30mg. The acne I have this time is just small pimples, but a lot of them. I'm still not sure enough about acne terminology to call them anything other than pimples, but some of them are largish.

I cleared up the scarring last time super fast, I was amazed how quickly it faded. If anyone is interested, I used a few different things, the routines of which I don't recall precisely, but I think I just switched between a few things depending on what it felt like my skin needed on that day. But my big miracle workers were:
NeoStrata Lotion Plus 15% AHA (incredible stuff, but has become slowly less effective over the last 2 years) 
Lemon juice - my skin doesn't seem to be very sensitive and can take this quite well, without much burning 
Vitamin C serum - just livens up and brings the life back in to my skin

So. We'll see how it goes this time round :) 


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