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Differin - 1 year later

So it has been ONE YEAR since I started using Differin PM/BP in the AM...
To cut a long story short I think it's amazing still. 
I have had ZERO papules, whiteheads, big massive cysts since October 2015. NONE AT ALL.
98% of the time I have crystal clear skin but every now and then I get a group of clogged pores on my cheeks or chin but to most people there invisible.
In fact to mark my Differin anniversary my skin has been SO KIND to me and given me about 10 clogged pores on my chin hahaha!
Attached a photo of me took today without make up (the mascara is semi permanent and brows are Wunderbrow [amazing btw] to mark how far I have come.
Basically my only problems now is dry skin and the comedone flare ups, I try to stay positive and remember that for the past 10 years I would have killed for skin like this, even if it's not perfect.



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