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Accutane Week 8: Could this be the turning point??



So just completed my second week on 60mg..

Early on in the week skin was breaking out again all over... within days this cleared up (apart from a few spots on forehead) and my skin touch wood, is looking pretty okay! The best it has looked since March. Lots of scars and red marks being left behind but I am sure they will fade. Am hoping this week marked the end of my IB! Cheeks and chin are 90% clear - just the forehead ones won't budge. But I am very happy so far with the progress made on 60mg :)

Other side effects update:

  • Hands are very, very, very dry and peely - seem to be getting worse and the only thing that keeps them okay for a while is E45 - has anyone else had this issue? If so, any recommendations?
  • I read up on a lot of blogs about how well CeraVe works as a moisturiser and mentioned it to my fiance saying how its something I haven't seen in shops (there really is a gap in the UK market for Aquaphor/CeraVe!!), and Sunday morning I woke up to a delivery with the lotion :) HOW COOL IS HE??? As a slight deviation from my point, my fiance has really been amazingly supportive and I am sure those on Accutane will know how necessary it is to have someone there to rant to about the rollercoaster of a ride - and he has been so good to me throughout my IB / mood swings / yucky skin days - so going to take this as an opportunity to say Thank you to him, because he has been a huge help for me xx
  • .....and back to CeraVe - amazing! Wish I had got this earlier. It is the perfect level of grease for my skin. E45 is what I have been using so far and while that was okay - it was making my skin very greasy! I love this and would recommend it to everyone.
  • Have been feeling VERY tired this week, not sure if this is because of the accutane or because I have been feeling unwell. Either way - no amount of sleep seems to be enough :(

Overall - happy with this week and the progress, almost at the 2 month mark!!!

Hope my fellow Accutaners are doing well :) 



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