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As it stands.



I feel like I am constantly moaning so have decided I am not going to post another update until I see an improvement. Things are still the same, bad. I have like this three headed huge cyst thing in between my eyes and still have fresh things appearing every day, some of which are huge painful and under the skin.
I still have to pop them due to how nasty they look. My make-up is now going on worse and my hair is dry. I actually think this is the worst I have ever looked and am starting to get paranoid. I feel so self conscious its horrible. I am 100% fine if I don't have to see anyone other than my friends and family though so I know it is literally down to the way I look at the moment. I know that sounds shallow but I know that anyone who is reading this will likely understand.


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Can I ask which dosage you were on? I have just started 20mg and my acne is very similar to how yours was at the beginning....

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Yes, I have been on 30mg for the whole course. I missed a few days here and there and have just gone down to 20mg myself. Good luck! 

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