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Accutane Week 7: Progress so far



So, I have completed a week on 60mg and thankfully, the side effects have not deviated much from when I was on 30mg!

To summarise:

  • Lips have become a lot more dry / peely / corners of mouth are cracking but am going cray cray applying aquaphor all day lol
  • Hands have become very dry - I have dry skin on hands anyway but this is just making it worse - peely skin :(
  • No new aches or pains
  • Toilet problem (previous post) is getting better

  • A lot better than the first month but a long way to go yet
  • The initial breakout has calmed down - the cysts are all gone (for good I hope)
  • Still breaking out every day - small spots on forehead, cheek, chin area and around the jawline but nothing like the first month
  • My fiance / sister / best friend have all commented on how my skin looks less aggravated than in the first month so that is very encouraging to hear - hope it stays this way and I am over the worst
  • Still a lot of scarring from the pre and current accutane breakouts but I am not overly concerned about that at the moment

Cannot believe it has been 7 weeks already! I'd love to say time has flown but that would be a big fat lie lol.. Have felt each and every day of it because of the nasty initial breakout I had but things can only get better so looking forward to how the next week goes.

Hope my fellow accutaners are doing well and making progress :) 


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