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Day IV (06.22.16)

mr. matt


Today is day four of my 25% TCA peel journey.

My face is very brown, tight, and feels as if I have saran wrap or cellophane tape wrapped around my wife. 

My left and right eyes are swollen and look kind of droopy.  It appears that I have aged 20 years or so and my face is beginning to crinkle more and more.

Peeling has begun near both side of my nose and at the corners of my mouth and on my chin.

Photos are below.

I'm growing a bit stir crazy since I have been cooped up in our home for the past four days.  I'm keeping my face slathered in burn ointment to help the healing process and I'll probably take another warm shower later today to help with the exfoliation/peeling process.

20160622 Day Four - Right Cheek - Acneorg.jpg

20160622 Left Cheek - Day Four - Acneorg.jpg

20160622 Day Four - Forehead - Acneorg.jpg


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