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Accutane Treatment Weeks 1-2

I’ve been on Accutane (Zenatane Capsules 40mg) for about 2 weeks now and let me just tell you all a little bit about how things have been going:


Acne Status: Right now I have this really nasty-ass patch of pimples on my left cheek and it literally is the nastiest looking stuff ever. I also have three massive cysts on my back that basically look like freaking welts and they hurt so badly! My chest is mostly clear which is good and my forehead only has tiny little zits. It is still early on in my treatment so I don’t have any expectations at the moment, but hopefully I will see some sort of improvement in the next couple of weeks!


Overall Rating of Acne Severity: C-

Face: D+

Back: D+

Chest: A-


Side Effects: When you are first put on Accutane, your dermatologist will list all of the side effects that you may experience. A couple of these side effects include dryness of face, chapped lips, sun sensitivity, and mood swings. Let me tell you right now, they were absolutely freakin’ right!!! My lips have been so dry that I have gone through 2 tubes of chapstick already! My lips are peeling and sometimes my nose gets too dry and I get a nosebleed here and there. My appetite has also been a little set off, but there are times when it is fine and I’m eating normally. I am constantly drinking water and getting sunburnt more than usual when I lay out in the sun. I also have been super moody and snippy to my family. I basically yelled at my sister for not shutting the door to my room and screamed at my mom to stop wearing yoga pants around the house because I thought it was irritating… BUT! I have been told these are normal side effects so I’m going to keep on powering through the treatment. Stay tuned!


Overall Ratings of Side Effect Severity: B-

Dryness: C

Mood: B-

Appetite: B+


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