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Girl, I feel you. I have never had success with medications/antibiotics/steroids [pretty much any chemical you take internally] or topical creams.

Just know, you are not alone! And it's what you are or aren't doing to wash your face or keeping good hygiene, ect. It is something that is not 100% functioning properly internally. My immune system has been compromised since I was born. I'm 23 now. And had issues my whole life. But, I'm taking it one day at a time. xoxoxo


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Hey having been on it twice privately in the UK I know the feeling. It can be rough but just keep going through it.

If you look in the forums of this site there is a lot of people with daily blogs and you wiill see people get an initial breakout and clear up in the end and some just clear from the get go.

Keep your head up 

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Thank you both for you kind words.

Siddhartha I certainly agree on the internal malfunction. Hopefully one day we will crack it!

FadedJay, thank you! I keep looking through blogs and telling myself it will get better soon...

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