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Hey everyone it's Andy! And for my first blog I wanted to share my acne miracle and cure (in my case at least) so I have been struggling with acne for 4-5 years or so and I have tried everything and I mean everything to get rid of it and I have finally found it!.... It's.... GOAT MILK SOAP AND... APPLE CODER VINEGAR!! Yup that's all. And how I discovered this amazing thing, I was out with friends and we came across this little shop in my town (no name) and she spelled homemade goods like soaps and scrubs and foods, so In the soap section she had a bunch of goat milk soaps fresh from her farm, and she had so many of different smells and look. Sandalwood vanilla, spearmint Rosemary, almond, etc. and it was all natural from olive oil and coconut oil, it even had bits of the almond or Rosemary etc. so I picked out the almond one and started using it for my fave cause I hade given up with all my previous attempts with acne and I thought well it can't make it worse, so I used that wth a 1:1 acv and water toner and in less than a week my acne was gone and my marks were  disappearing and it was a miracle! So I do not know if this will work for you! But if you want goat milk soap go to byccombe.com and they sell good goat milk soap, *i am not responsible for any actions you take, do this at your own risk*


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