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Steph G


Let me begin by saying that I have tried many many many different ways to cure my acne. From all different types of home remedies (applying tea tree oil every night does not work for our skin, guys) to prescription medications.

Things I've tried (to name a few):
apple cider vinegar
honey masks
tea tree oil (my boyfriend really didn't appreciate the smell)
antibactitial soap
homeopathic oral drops
removing dairy from diet (torture)
increase water intake
witch hazel 
acne pills from another county (DO NOT ATTEMPT) I don't know what I was thinking.
10% benzoyl peroxide

Nothing has worked. Let me add that I also have a serious issue with picking my skin. It's a terrible habit I have where I am constantly picking my skin without even noticing, which only gets worse when I'm nervous or anxious.

In January 2016 I finally got good insurance and decided to see a dermatologist again (I saw one in high school with no results).
My acne has gotten to the point where I would get invited to go out, I would apply my make up, get dressed, take a look in the mirror, and then get so self conscious about my skin, that I would make up some excuse and stay home. I began to avoid eye contact when conversing, and I would often avoid any social setting. I realized that now it was effecting my self esteem, and something needed to be done. 

My dermatologist prescribed me Tazorac (a topical ointment) and Solodyn (an antibiotic). She also taught me to be gentle with my skin, and not try to fry off my acne with harsh  over the counter creams, cleansers, etc. After 3 months, my skin did improve significantly, but no where near as much as both my doctor and I had wanted. 2 months ago she recommended I get started on a medicine that is similar to accutane (Absorbica). That news made me very upset. While signing all these scary consent forms, I began to cry. I was upset that my situation was that helpless to the point where I had to take some controversial medication. I honestly cried about it for 3 days.  My doctor reassured me that it would be worth it, and I began my research. After reading some medical journals, and blogs from people's experiences, I decided I would give it a chance. I had to have 2 blood analysis done, each a month apart, before starting my first prescription and just last week I started my first dose. Saturday will be my first full week, so I will begin my week by week update then. 

I promise each post won't be this long, and I will provide pictures of  (fingers crossed) improvements :)


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