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Accutane Journey 05/06/16



I went out with a friend the other day (who doesn't know that i'm on accutane but does know how badly my acne gets to me) and one of the first things she said was how good my skin was at the moment :) . That just made me so happy. To go from feeling that everyone is staring thinking with is wrong with her face to someone actually saying how good it looks is amazing. Don't get me wrong, my skin will never be 'good', a decade or so of huge cysts has left millions of scars which show up loads at this time of year especially as my face tans but the scars don't but that is fine. I can cope with uneven skin tone, i'd rather have that a million times over than big painful weeping cysts .



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I know exactly how you feel.  It's so nice when someone notices (and says something to you) about how nice your skin looks.  I was at my kids school today & one of the secretaries told me that my makeup looked great.  She made my whole day.  I couldn't believe it.  I usually feel like my makeup is on my face to cover it up.  Today I put on a light coat of makeup--my skin is still red and hyper-pigmented (which my derm says will fade eventually).  I also had on some nice lipstick--trying to keep my lips from peeling off before I got home.  The other day my husband (who HATES the fact that I'm on Accutane) told me that he is impressed with how soft my skin is right now.  I noticed that the back of my arms, chest, legs, back, and stomach are considerably softer.  I hope that stays.

Today I have a pop up cyst on my neck, ugh.  Hope it goes away soon.  I also have that painful rash that I had in the beginning (it was on the top of my hands before) on the bottom of my forearms.  Ouch.

I am a member of the Board of Education in my town, and I have been dragging my feet on getting my new photo for the year.  I certainly don't need peeling lips, pink eyes and a huge weeping mole.  The school was not too happy, but I have been dreading (and avoiding) pictures since I started this thing.

The mole still flares up from time to time.  It's really weird.  It will be fine one day and huge and angry the next.  I cured the pink eye with some eye drops that my kids had prescribed for them last year.  My derm wasn't in the office and neither was my primary doctor, so I am managing by myself.

Are your symptoms any worse lately?  How are your lips?  We can do this!!!  How may days do you have left?

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Hi, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to reply. I'm glad that your pink eye is gone but I hope that they keep an eye on your mole.
How have you been feeling recently? I know this course hasn't been easy for any of us and you have had so much to deal with on top of it :( 
I had my derm appointment last Thursday and they have taken me off the pills which means I have only done 5 months rather than 6 but i had no say in the matter.
I admitted at the last appointment that I was feeling very tired but apparently the exhaustion is apparent as soon as you see me as the derm took one look at me and said my skin was clear enough to show that it had worked (so far) and that if I stay on it the exhaustion could get worse.
The trouble is I do have a very physical job and at this time of year the hours are extremely long too so that combined with meds that tire you I have been struggling slightly.
I am happy in one way that there are no more hospital visits, no more blood tests and pills etc but am at the same time petrified that I have not had enough to keep the acne away. I was told that there was a chance that I could have a flare up one to two months after stopping and given epiduo, if that happens I will be gutted and scared that it will be back for good :( 

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