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week 3



Week 3: First i have to say that if I continue to use honey as a cleanser/scrub i'll make sure to purchase eco friendly honey, where bee keepers only harvest excess honey and are mindful of the bee's well-being. Otherwise the harvesters steal ALL their honey and give them sugar water as a replacement which makes them sick when they drink it :(

So I'm still doing well but I gotta say that this method is not for the faint of heart. If you will panic and freak over every bump and blemish that WILL happen you will really struggle. It occurred to me that I don't know what a life span and cycle of a pimple is b/c i would never leave one alone long enough to know this. I would see it and i or someone would pop/extract it and then put lots of products on it to obliterate it. Which may be a temporary fix but the infection underneath may very well remain and unless that is cleared out I realize acne will be a never ending cycle. And ATB and topicals may not be the answer every time. So I did a honey sugar scrub at the end of week 2 and now that week 3 is over here's what I noticed. Washing my face before a month was up was a good thing. I was worried if I would throw my skin off but I think it was helpful in clearing off dirt, old oils and dead skin, and anything else not beneficial. Exfoliating is a good thing, but GENTLE is key. A few days after I washed the dead skin mask started to return but with less speed and much less plugs and whiteheads. Like 70% less. I'll use the dead skin mask as an indicator of how much more healing my face needs. In week 3 I showered more, maybe 4 times and I let the water run over my face the whole time. I never used my hands or anything on it, just the shower head and  each time i felt it accelerated healing of pimples/whiteheads. It would knock the heads off and somehow that made them shrink in size and scab over. And the scabs that were already there would get knocked off and then nice smooth skin was revealed. Week one was all about whiteheads. Superficial, easy stuff getting pushed out. Week 2 and 3 saw closed pimples, almost like cysts on my cheeks (my main problem area) and jaw line. I think these were from the deeper infections that were surfacing and I considered that a good thing. I left them alone and observed their life cycle. Sometimes it would take up to five days or so for them to come to a head and I was always happy and relieved when I saw the white head appear b/c that means to me that my skin is functional and it was winning that particular battle. B/c the hardened white ball that comes out of a pimple is the bacteria and your white blood cells and other remnants from that war packaged up and ready to be shoved out of your body. Interestingly the breakouts were almost in a straight row, like you could connect the four or five dots to make a line. I think that's what my aestheticism was referring to when she said I had lots of "fill spots", pockets of infection. So i have to be patient as I let that work itself out. As for the rest of my face which prior to caveman did have breakouts as well just not as severe as my cheeks, they are clearing up very, very nicely. The takeaway from week 3 is: adding more water to my routine is good. I enjoy showering and feeling fresh and so extreme caveman never appealed to me. Once my cheeks aka my problem areas are cleaned out my face will look the best it has looked in years. These past 2 weeks confirmed to me that sweat and oil are not our enemies as I've slept covered in both after jogging . It isn't even necessary to wash everyday if our skin is in good functioning order however In week 4 I plan to add more days of washing with honey and one or two days of honey and sugar. I want to do this b/c I think good and minimal skin care routine helps and nourishes our skin, as opposed to "treating" it and b/c mentally I enjoy caring for it. I didn't enjoy catering to it. Big difference. And b/c we're modern people not caveman, I want a "fresh" clean face, but not at the cost of knocking my skin off balance and causing harm, so I'll find that perfect balanced line between the routine of our ancient ancestors who simply did nothing (I'm guessing haha) and us today with our overwhelming choices of product.


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