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3 Week Update: Tretinoin/Clindamycin/Minocycline



It's been just over three weeks since I started using the tretinoin gel and taking minocycline. However, I've only been using clindamycin for about a week. I have to say I'm really seeing improvements! The dermatologist said that the oral and topical antibiotics would help prevent or at least decrease the purging stage by killing bacteria coming up out of my skin from the tretinoin treatment. I think it's doing a pretty good job. Now when I wash or feel my face it feels almost completely smooth!! This doesn't mean I don't have any acne left though. As I said before the problem with my skin is that I have lots of small bumps around my chin and cheek area. Right now, they are all still there, in fact there might be even more of them. BUT they are becoming less raised and less noticeable. I think now I'm really the only one who notices them if I look closely at my face, but of course I feel like everyone can see them :(

So as a I mentioned before, I used tretinoin 0.01% gel before being bumped up to 0.025% by a different dermatologist, and I've been using that for one week. Usually if bad purging were to occur, it would happen by the end of the third week, but I don't know if bumping up to 0.025% will just make me purge a little later on but much worse. I am praying that this doesn't happen. I really hope that those little bumps continue to very slowly flatten out, and not purge! I guess we'll see. My goal for this week is no picking....it makes my face look red and awful but its so hard not to do with skin like mine, ugh. Wish me luck. I think I'll add some pictures now that my skin looks slightly better.


I use the 0.025 as well and i too had lots of small bumps on my cheeks. With continuous daily use the small bumps went away and the larger ones came to the surface where after i exfoliated the little 'seed' came out very easily. I really like tret and the 0.025 is a good strength.  I wont be changing anytime soon. If there is a bump dont pick!!! It will come out soon enough.

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That's good to know!! I have noticed that smaller bumps have seemed to go away or at least gotten even smaller. The bigger ones have slowly been purging themselves out, those are the ones I have trouble not picking at. If you don't mind me asking, what brand was your tretinoin? Mine is just an off-brand version and I'm curious if anyone thinks retin-a or other real brands work better than the off brand versions.

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