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Day 1



Today is day 1. I washed my face with the Ju Ju bar by drunk Elephant, toned with my toner by Jacq's organics, and Moisturized with Toogga's Desert Date oil. I also applied a honey mask for a few hours which seemed to soothe my skin. I purchased some Manuka honey today so that I can experience the full effects from honey. I bought it from Amazon so I will have to use my really raw honey until that comes in. I plan on applying aspirin with a touch of raw honey onto my active spots tonight. My face seems to be less irritated than it was yesterday. I have several active breakouts but they are less red than they were yesterday. I purchased the AMtherapy moisturizer from EltaMd today as well. I needed a daytime moisturizer, and after some research that seemed to be the best fit for my skin type. I will post pictures of my skin tomorrow. 


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