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Day 40.



Last night I was in a bad mood. It came from nowhere. I was very aware that I was in a stinking mood but couldn't snap out of it. Everyone was pissing me off. I just wanted to be on my own and watch some TV. It felt very PMT like, but I have just come off so not that. Thankfully I have woke up in a better mood today.


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Apparently it can be a side effect, as long as your aware and take note of any worsening moods (depression etc) you'll be fine. My moods are horrible at the moment and I ain't even on Roaccutane. It's just so easy to switch to a depressive mood moment where it feels like everything is going wrong and it's the end of the world :/ 

How is your skin looking? 

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Thank you. My skin looked a teeny tiny bit better today, as if some of the inflammation has died down a little. If only it keeps on improving!

What surprised me about the mood was just how aware of it I was. Normally after I snap out of it it hits me how moody I have been but with this I was aware while I was in it. I do suffer from depression and am certaily keeping an eye out for that but so far I am mainly irritated, and mainly with my boyfriend haha!

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