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Day 34 :(

My face is a total mess. It has erupted in huge painful lumps all over. I want to stay hidden inside. Thank God it's half term and I don't have to show my face at the kids school. I am sure people must think I am on drugs or something it's so gross. My 12 year old says that I think it looks worse than it is as he doesn't really notice that much until I point it out he said. I just think he is being kind! Under my jaw and on my neck at the top is the worse. I am loosing faith and I want to up my dose now. Another 6 or so weeks till I see the Dermatologist. Oh, and my lip has split again in a different place and it is quite painful.


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That sounds horrible :( hoping it changes for you soon it must be so hard to stay positive X 

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Hang in there :) the initial breakout on accutane can be an absolute bitch, but just known you'll get through this. This is going to work for you, 3 months down the line from now your gonna have baby smooth skin! You are.

And I doubt your son will just be saying that to be kind. Children always tell the truth :) xx 

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